Prof Stephan Heyns
Prof Stephan HeynsPrincipal Consultantstephan.heyns@up.ac.za
+27 (0)12 420 2432
Professor and Director of the Centre for Asset Integrity Management at the University of Pretoria. Stephan has more than 38 years of experience in structural echanics, dynamics, vibration analysis and testing as well as condition monitoring. His current interests also include management of structural integrity of mechanical assets over their entire life cycles. He is a registered professional engineer.
BSc (Eng) (Mech Eng) cum laude 1977
MEng (Mech Eng) cum laude 1982
PhD 1988
Alewyn Grove
Alewyn GroveLead Consultant: Structural Integrity and Dynamics Assessmentalewyn.grove@up.ac.za
+27(0)12 4202096
Alewyn has thirteen years’ experience in structural mechanics and dynamics, field testing (strain and vibration) and finite element analysis. Alewyn is a registered professional engineer.
B Eng (Mech) 2003
B Eng (Hons)(Mech Eng) 2004
M Eng 2006
Sibonelo Dube
Sibonelo DubeEngineer: Data Analysis and Acoustic measurementU28429487@tuks.co.za
+27(01)12 4205950
+27(0)83 723 4632
Sibonelo is a graduated mechanical engineer with three years’ experience in laboratory testing and field noise and vibration measurements. Experience also includes modelling and manufacturing drawings.
B ENG (Mech) 2016
Dr Abrie Oberholster
Dr Abrie OberholsterLead Consultant: Rotating Machinery – Optical and Non- Contact Measurementsabrie.oberholster@up.ac.za
+27 (0)12 420 3288
+27 (0)83 651 2804
Abrie has 17 years’ experience in advance signal processing, condition monitoring, modal testing and analysis, photogrammetry and laser Doppler vibrometry. Abrie is a registered professional engineer.
B Eng (Mech) 2001
M Eng (Mech) 2004
PhD (Mech Eng) 2010
Johann Clarke
Johann ClarkeTechnician: Testing, Measurement and Instrumentationjohann.clarke@up.ac.za
+27 (0)12 420 3207
+27 (0)82 797 5879
Johann has thirteen years’ experience in strain and vibration measurements electrical instrumentation, design and commissioning of servo-hydraulics setups and associated control systems.
Khulu Lucas Mnguni
Khulu Lucas MnguniLab assistant: Test setup and commissioninggasakhulu@gmail.com
Khulu has five years’ experience in the installation and commissioning of test fixtures and provides general assistance in maintenance and upkeep of laboratory infrastructure.

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