Optical and Non-Contact Measurements

The optical and non-contact measurement capabilities in the centre allow us to perform
dynamic and static measurements on a wide variety of test objects encompassing very
light structures, small and large structures as well as fluids. Combined with our modal
testing and analysis capabilities, we can automate tests using our scanning laser
vibrometers while our photogrammetry capabilities allow us to perform 3D full field
strain and motion measurements. We also have four IDT Vision NX 8-S2 high speed
cameras which allow us to do motion analysis at high frame rates.



Modal testing and analysis.

Laser Doppler vibrometry.

Stereo photogrammetry:

  • Digital image correlation.
  • Sloshing fluid flow visualisation.
  • Motion analysis.

Non-contact geometry measurements:

  • Structure from motion.
  • Digital image correlation.
  • LiDAR.

Eulerian video magnification.

Equipment and Software

Activities are supported by the following infrastructure:

Four IDT Vision NX8-S2 monochrome high speed cameras:

  • 1.9 megapixel resolution at 4000 frames per second.

Image Systems TEMA software:

  • Digital image correlation.
  • Motion analysis.

GOM stereo photogrammetry system:

  • 4 megapixel resolution at 60 frames per second.
  • Digital image correlation.
  • Motion analysis.

Polytec laser vibrometers:

  • Scanning vibrometers (PSV300, PSV400).
  • Single point (PDV100).

Clients and Typical Projects

Modal testing and analysis:

  • Boiler pipe dynamic characterisation.
  • Nuclear reactor grid plate dynamic characterisation.

Motion analysis:

  • Sloshing fluid flow visualisation.

Geometry measurement:

  • Online freight rail geometry measurement for macro and micro scale condition assessment.

Enigineering 1 building, office 10-8, UP Campus
Tel no: +27 (0)12 420 2432/2096
Email: bonolo.mokoka@up.ac.za

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